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Places worth seeing in Warsaw
The Royal Theater and the Old Orangery
The Royal Theater is one the very few 18th-century court theatre buildings that have been preserved in Europe. The theater is located in the Old Orangery within Łazienki Park, a palace-and-park complex created on the initiative of King Stanisław August Poniatowski.

Communist Warsaw

The five decades of Communist rule is a particular period in the history of Warsaw, 80 per cent of which had been destroyed during the war. The reconstruction of Warsaw consisted in a series of new, socialist architectural and urban projects, which remain a permanent feature of the majority of Warsaw districts.

The tour takes place aboard a vintage Jelcz 043 bus or a retro van.

Sights include:
- Marszałkowska St.: Konstytucji Square, Dmowskiego Roundabout, Wars and Sawa, WDM, or Warsaw Housing District, Konstytucji Square, Zbawiciela Square, Koszykowa St.,
- the so-called Ministries District: Krucza St., CDT or the Central Department Store, Mercure Grand Hotel, Trzech Krzyży Square, the Communist Party House,
- the Palace of Culture and Science (from the outside) and the surrounding  Defilad Square,
- Jana Pawła Avenue (formerly Marchlewskiego): Central Railway Station, Za Żelazną Bramą residential complex, Muranów district.

The organisation of the tour depends on the time allocated to it by the participants, as well as the tour's starting and end points.
The tour includes 1 or 2 short walks: around the Palace of Culture and Science and Konstytucji Square. They are contingent on the amount of time available and on weather conditions. It is possible to combine the tour with a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science or the Czar PRL Museum (life under communism museum).

Suggested duration of the trip: 3 hours
Suggested means of transport: Jelcz 043, San, Chausson buses
Suggested extras: an accordion performance, an engraved hipflask (full), potato dumplings from Różyckiego Market (served during the tour).

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