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Potato Dumplings from Różyckiego Market

A cult street snack straight from the famous Różyckiego Market in Praga. For decades, potato dumplings have been the undisputed star of Warsaw street food, long before anyone even thought of fast food, such as (now ubiquitous) hamburgers and kebabs. Originally, dumplings were served in recycled jam or marmalade jars, sprinkled with lardons and finely chopped, fried onion. Dumpling vendors from Różycki Market used to pack their merchandise into milk cans wrapped in scarves and blankets to keep the food warm for several hours. Shouting at the top of one's voice "duuuumplings, hot duuuumplings" was generally considered a sufficient marketing strategy. Regular customers were entitled to a bonus in the form of a shot of moonshine from a flask. We recommend traditional dumplings straight from Różyckiego Market, served in a jar, together with bacon and onion, with or without meat filling.

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